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A variety of types and specifications of hydraulic steering axis precision cavity is a complex multi-step precision cavity, require high dimensional accuracy, high position accuracy requirements. The methods are difficult to machine processing, is a high-precision molds, extrusion products to meet the accurac…
Vehicles, farm vehicles and garden machinery mainly various types of drive shaft spline shaft, you can squeeze ordinary rectangular teeth, high rectangular tooth involute tooth, triangular teeth and other special tooth, you can also squeeze internal splines external splines and external splines simultaneously…
Car and motorcycle gearbox splined shaft is a multi-stepped shaft, the shaft required to achieve a multi-step and multi-segment spline extruded spline requires high precision coaxial high. A shaft is to achieve three different tooth splined extruded simultaneously, to ensure concentricity of 0.06 ~ 0.1.
All kinds of aluminum filter housings are made of extruded upper and lower, the maximum diameter of 130mm, depth of 300mm. Maximum single-piece weighs 5kg. Formed from an extrusion molding, T6 treatment, CNC machining to the full capacity of various surface treatment.Complex shape using an extrusion molding t…
Deep cold extrusion is cold extrusion on the difficulty, under normal conditions is deep and the inner diameter ratio does not exceed 2.5:1, material is generally low-carbon steel. Hisatoyo company through the use of special mold structure, special mold materials, the development of special cold extrusion pro…
Precision Cavity
Precision cavity piece refers to the complex shape of the inner cavity of special products, usually blind hole, using mechanical machining methods can not meet the requirements, or can not be processed. Representative products for the clutch wheels, car steering input shaft splines blind hole covers. Jiufeng …
Capable of producing, using the Japanese standard, Japanese aluminum fire quick connectors, nozzles and other fire equipment.
Jiufeng's specialty products are high-temperature alloy precision sheet stretch forming, plate molding technology, composite tensile and compression molding process for large-scale manufacture of electronic products and some key parts of the clutch, transmission casing molding.
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