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Deep cold extrusion is cold extrusion on the difficulty, under normal conditions is deep and the inner diameter ratio does not exceed 2.5:1, material is generally low-carbon steel. Hisatoyo company through the use of special mold structure, special mold materials, the development of special cold extrusion process to achieve a deep hole and the inner diameter ratio reached 5:1, or even greater, than the general standard doubled, and broke through the low-range of carbon steel, successfully applied to carbon steel, alloy steel and carbon unidirectional deep cold extrusion. Has been widely used in automotive piston pin, a variety of track pin bushing and automotive automatic transmission oil pump shaft hollow cold extrusion on.

Based on the extrusion hole in the hollow pump shaft also achieved outside a multi-step extrusion.

The hollow spline shaft also implements a multi-segment spline extrusion molding.

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