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Jiufeng Official Website Constructed Completely and Went Online
Auto:Jiufeng  Date:2013-08-09  Browse:63

The official Website of Shanghai Jiufeng automotive parts company limited (as "Jiufeng" thereafter) was constructed completely and went online on August 9th, 2013. The website combines Jiufeng's special technologies in cold extrusion and excellent products together to provide guests a great experience to take a closer look at the company.

The website address is 荒野行动pc版怎么操作 for Chinese and for English.

This new site mainly focuses on products with special technologies and patents, which are divided into several categories: steering shaft, driveline shaft, transmission shaft, filter bowl, hollow parts, precision cavity and fire equipment parts. These categories cover the vast majority of products in the field of cold extrusion that sold on current international market. Pictures of each product are also illustrated with a 'magnifying glass' feature. There is also illustration for the most of equipment in the company.

With the online of company website, Jiufeng will be able to further develop domestic and international market in a new way.

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